About Us

Welcome to Geras Club – Where Passion Meets Pizzas!

When you think about the essence of a family, it's often tied to the memories we create around the dinner table. For our family, that memory is the rich aroma of homemade pizzas wafting through our home.

We are Peter and Louise, the heart, and soul behind Geras Club. Our journey began with a simple love for making pizzas at home with our two wonderful kids. Those golden hours, kneading the dough, layering fresh toppings, and eagerly waiting by the oven, became our cherished family ritual.

Being a small family business, we deeply understand the joy and bonding that comes from sharing a pizza. And so, we made it our mission to help other families create their own pizza memories.

At Geras, we're not just selling pizza ovens and accessories. We offer the promise of quality family time, the laughter shared over a tasty slice with perfectly melted cheese, and the rich taste of great homemade pizza. Every product in our lineup is carefully curated, focusing on delivering the perfect Home pizza-making experience.

Supporting a small business like ours means you're supporting our family's dream. We’re dedicated to offering top-notch products, helpful pizza-making tips, and unparalleled customer service. Our joy comes from knowing that our ovens and accessories play a role in the pizza stories of families across the globe.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pizza chef or just starting out with your first homemade pizza, we're here for you. Let's enjoy every slice and create new memories!


Peter & Louise



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